Penguin ELC

Penguin ELC

The directors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from both Tasmanian and Mainland centres and understand the importance of quality care for children and families. Educators are experienced and qualified and are committed to a vision that provides the best opportunities for each child to play, learn and develop in a warm, happy and challenging environment.

Vacation Care

We provide vacation care for school age children during school holidays except for public holidays 7:30am-6pm.

*Please note: The Penguin ELC is the only childcare centre in Penguin. The Penguin ELC currently meets the National Standards in rating. The Penguin ELC does not currently supply afternoon tea.

We Offer Care

Monday to Friday 7:30AM to 6:00PM

Orientation Programme

Orientation is arranged to meet the individual needs of families and to introduce children to the centre in a way that allows them to feel safe, secure and happy. Included in the orientation is a tour of the centre.

Gumnut Long Day Care Centre is licenced by the Education and Care Unit.